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We help food entrepreneurs of small and large companies on their way with their export activities. This support varies from giving advice at a strategic level to support with the sale of products abroad or for foreign companies in the Netherlands.

Our expertise and extensive experience (more than 30 years) within sales & marketing provides an honest, professional view of sales opportunities, relevant sales channels and network collaborations.

Arjan van dongen Sales export consultant
Sales support for food

Let’s do business. It’s personal.

Your export plans stand or fall with the right sales & (marketing) organization. Or by export partners that best suit your company. Strategic sales advice helps you from the initial market research up to and including entry into the export market and expanding your export activities. Practical and involved.

The shortage on the job market is enormous, so companies have to make optimal use of their existing team. Make use of our senior qualities in the sales support of the existing sales teams.

Business development food

Every entrepreneur or manager sometimes has the need to spar about his or her company. Or maybe you have a brilliant export idea. And do you want to explore new markets or product groups? But how do you explore the opportunities and convert them into a profitable business model? We answer this question by developing a systematic plan of approach. Content related and detailed.

Market entry in retail, gastronomy, online

We focus on the BENELUX, GERMANY and SCANDINAVIA with more than 30 years experience in sales & marketing. This practical knowledge in combination with a high-quality expert network guarantees the quality of our transparent and honest advice. Due to our activities in Europe, we are aware of relevant trends, specific quality requirements, desired quality marks (organic, free from, nutriscore, vegan) and we follow developments in the field of convenience. Professional and actual.

Modern lead generation

We have a high-quality network of professionals in the Benelux, Germany and Scandinavia. The goal is always qualitative leads. We achieve this not only through cold acquisition, but also through the use of relevant content, which we make visible online and deliver online to the desired target group. The lead campaigns are guided by our online B2B expert. Offline and Online.

Experience in following productcategories

Nuts and dried fruits
Savoury Snacks
Bread Snacks
Cold pressed rapeseed oils
Tex Mex
Nut Bars
Bakery Bake -Off
Dry Pulses
Fresh Doughs


Market knowledge, business development, looking at sales potential of companies, empathy through which answers can be given to questions such as:

  • Is my product suitable for export and if not what should I change?
  • For which countries can my product be of interest.
  • What type of customer should I look for, e.g. Retail direct or via Distributor and how am I going to do that.


  1. Meeting  for a personal match, which always forms the basis for the collaboration
  2. Analysis of the company & assortment to map the export potential
  3. Professional advice on which market segment to target and through which distribution channel
  4. Match making – connecting with potential customers
  5. Sales and/or commercial guidance during the introduction and expansion of the turnover


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